ZREO Choir for Orchestrated Twilight Princess Album

By BlueZeroBlueZero
28 Feb 2011 05:57


Heed the call fellow gamers. ZREO (Zelda Reorchestrated) is working on creating an orchestrated version of the Zelda: Twilight Princess soundtrack and they need your help. Their goal is to raise $18,000 so they can hire a full fledged choir to accompany their planned two and a half hour album. Since I am a huge fan of their past work with remixing the Ocarina of Time soundtrack, it is my duty to let everyone know about their latest project. Continue reading for a musical preview and the current status of their fund raising:

Donate Now to their Kickstarter fundraiser page!

Update 3/5: ZREO now has raised all the money they need. We are getting a choir!

So far as of the time of this posting, ZREO has raised over $12,000 out of their $18,000 goal with 20 days to go. Most people contributed $50 dollars or more which is impressive considering ZREO has never charged for their work. This my fellow gamers is a testament to our love of the Zelda music.

If this project is successful and the choir sounds wonderful (which they probably will), I would love to see ZREO include the choir in their future endeavors. At one point, Nintendo's Koji Kondo stated Twilight Princess would have a fully orchestrated soundtrack before it was changed to MIDI during later development. Looks like ZREO does what Nintendont.

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