Yoot Tower (Mac/PC) Review

By BlueZeroBlueZero


Background: Yoot Tower is the sequel to the hit Sim Tower and expands upon the foundation in many excellent ways. Sequels are expected to perform at a higher level than their successors due to the basic framework being already present from the first game. Yoot Tower updates the classic formula and makes it more complex, mostly in a good way. It offers three different locations to build your tower, or underground tower. I’ve played on all on them in the past and got close to reaching Tower status on each.

Story: Again, there is no official story to Yoot Tower. There are different locations that lend themselves to different stories:

  • Hawaii- You are a local who decides to capitalize on the tourism by building a hotel with many many shops to bring in income. The location next to the beach makes it a prime location.
  • Kegon Falls- You are a crazy businessman who decides to build right into a rock bed to create the ultimate tourist destination. The fact that water falling always equals profit leads you to monetize Nature’s work and claim it as your own.
  • Tokyo- You are a local millionaire who has access to some very expensive city property. It’s time that you build the highest Tower in Tokyo so that you can get back at rival millionaires who build their tower near yours. Let’s see how their property value fairs when they are covered in darkness by your monolith.

Tokyo is the more classic Sim Tower experience and is the one I that play often.

Gameplay: This game excels in gameplay just like the first game. The game has been streamlined with critical additions. The basics from Sim Tower are still in place (read Sim Tower Guide or Review for a refresher) and have been expanded upon:

• There is no limit to the number of elevators and escalators (as far as I know)
• There are now more maintenance fees so it’s possible to go into the red.
• Building items: you can now drag it across the same floors to build multiple at once.
• You can track traffic in your tower so you can know why an office next to the elevator will be lower evaluated.
• You can now intimately follow people in your tower. This means you can see where that young worker goes on their breaks and track where they walk. Very useful from a simulation standpoint. You can also use the microphone button to get general thoughts about your Sims.
• Outside view of your tower. This is where you can put up billboards to get ad revenue from companies such as Sega PC or Yoot Tower.

Elevators: Improved from the last game. With an unlimited number now, the maintenance costs now are the thing to worry about. Simple elevators go 15 floors this time and the Service elevators can go the full length of the tower.


Buildings: There are a lot more options for shops and restaurants. There is still only one office type and the same hotel types. Condo/Apartments are still a waste of time in my opinion. You got to avoid building the expensive “building facilities” that have cost a lot of money to run (I’m looking at your Subway, Doctor’s Office and Power Plant!). I would avoid building these three buildings because they will never make you enough money to cover their expenses. The Movie Theaters are still a good way to LOSE money while the Event Center is still a gold mine for money and population.

Hotels and Offices: My strategy remains the same. Build tons of offices until you can build hotels and then specialize in hotels. Offices need restrooms and low traffic while hotel rooms don’t require much besides housecleaning. Hotels give you daily income while offices give you quarterly profit. Yes, the income from offices is much greater than hotels, but I don’t want to mess with the possibility that offices are vacant because of stress or high foot traffic or other factors.


Graphics: The graphics have been updated. Sims now can be seen walking between their origin and their destination. The resolution of the game is not locked and can be stretched to huge resolutions. Yoot Tower still looked good at 1440 x 900. The movie theater movies are corny but fun to watch. You now have a butler informing you about your tower’s status. The game still runs well on modern computers even if thousands of people are being shown walking around.

Sound: My favorite sound is “Knucleslap! It’s on bro” which can be heard from one of the movie theater’s movies. There are a lot of reused sounds from the first game like the elevators and the offices. There is a lot more diversity of sounds this time which makes the music of the tower more complex.

The Bottom Line: Yoot Tower is a better game than Sim Tower if not for the ability to drag your building construction along floors. Selecting your favorite sims and watching them roam your tower is impressive. The game had potential longevity with additional plugins for new scenarios and shops, but the US never got the bonus scenario that was only released in Japan. If you have this file or find this file, please leave a comment. I really enjoy playing Yoot Tower so I can build my hotel empire.

MAC/PC reviews game: Additional content would have been great to keep us playing the game. There are so many people in the tower that our older selves couldn’t keep up. Low resolution movie videos fry our computer chips.

Yoot Tower saved games, theater clips, and media

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