Worms AR

By Zott820Zott820
01 Apr 2013 07:26


Worms! Who doesn't recall the classic game of destruction and mayhem? Rocket Launchers, grenades and more, but watch out for that wind or you may be on the receiving end of your own judicial medicine.

With so many versions of Worms out there, what else can be added? Well, rumor has it that a new Worms game in production will use augmented reality to deliver an enticing experience. Now this isn't like this augmented reality version from year's back which used a 3D space, I'm speaking about the familiar 2D playing field, but using pictures and possibly a live video stream from the host console to generate the level's content.


While the game has yet to be announced, nor platform revealed, I would be surprised if it didn't use the Kinect's ability to grab the environment in 3D, delivering the foreground elements as the actual playing field and the background as well…the background. Watch as your living room is blown up around you. Or play on the side of a dude's body. I can imagine endless creative ideas, and probably a couple of unscrupulous penis levels as well. Even if the game doesn't use the Kinect's 3D capture capabilities, most consoles now or upcoming have camera support so there is plenty of platform potential.

In this day and age network support is a no brainer, so I'm not sure how they'll prevent cheating by modifying the environment on the fly. My guess would be that the foreground will 'lock-in' after generating the playable surface while keeping a continuous video feed of me dancing the Macarena as that background feed. There's no stopping my super sheep!

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