Wolfenstein 3D (Mac) to Marathon Mini-Mod

By Zott820Zott820
10 Jul 2009 02:18


In 1994 Macplay released Wolfenstein 3D for the Macintosh.

In 1996 Bungie released Marathon Infinity.

In 2009, a mod was made that put some Wolfenstein 3D in Marathon.


So here you have it. This mod was mainly meant as practice at making a mod for the Marathon engine, but I figured that I would release it for other people’s pleasure as well.

It consists of only the first level of the game converted over with most of the graphics and as close of gameplay as I could muster to the real deal.

A video of the mod in action for your viewing pleasure.

UPDATE - JULY 2010: Released version 1.01 that corrects some issues and adds more authentic gameplay. Release notes included in the Readme.

You can download the mod at the link below, included with it are instructions for installation.


You will need Aleph One as well as the Marathon Infinity Data files, both can be found here: http://source.bungie.org/get/

If you are interested in the materials used in the mod’s creation, you can find them all here:


Use them if you are interested in making adjustments or adding onto the mod in your own way.

Lastly, if you like what you played here, I suggest playing/buying the real game.

I’m not sure where you can find the Macintosh version at this point (The version this mod was based off of), but you can still find the PC’s shareware version, as well as be able to purchase it for download at the following link:


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