White Knight Chronicles: Forgotten Secret Trailer Preview

By BlueZeroBlueZero

White Knight Chronicles, how you tease me. Your first CG trailer blew me out of the water with the magnitude and scope of the world. The video here showcases the care that has been made in the localization process. While only the main character, the villain(?) and the narrator speak, their voices are good and above in quality.

Take for example the narrator. This fellow has done an amazing job of delivering his lines. He really makes me feel like the main story will be deep and complex enough that some brazen traveler would tell the epic around a campfire. These are the kinds of signals I am receiving from such a great voice.

The villain guy, or so I think he is the first villain because RPGs never have the shown person be the cause of all the disaster. It is always some bigger, more powerful, more evil force that is working in the background that only shows itself at the end to be beaten by the main hero. The villain's voice is good, I can't complain.

The main character's voice is heard briefly at the end of the trailer. His voice is decent. I'm glad they didn't make him sound whiny or too young sounding like other RPG heroes.

Getting the voices right for English localization is a bane of Japanese game creators. They either realize that finding the right people is too expensive or THINK they have the right people and we end up with very odd sounding people delivering dialogue that is translated directly from Japanese.

I can wait until TBA or at E3 when they give a release date of probably September/October/November of 2009. I have been careful to avoid watching any gameplay from the released Japanese version because I want the game to be fresh. The only "gameplay" footage I have watched was the main character customization which is very deep.

I'll be picking up this game when it hits, whenever it is. This is the first JRPG that I am really looking forward to playing. Potential flaws with the game from other trailers and videos I have seen is that the fighting combo system is not as amazing as the first trailer made it out to be. That first trailer was complete CG; the fighting I have seen could become repetitious with the same moves being used often. Regardless, I am still sold.

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