New RSS: Update your RSS Feeds

By BlueZeroBlueZero

This is an announcement that I am using FeedBurner now for the RSS feeds. It allows readers to subscribe to the feed by email which is a great option to have. The new RSS feeds by FeedBurner are much more efficient and gets rid of the annoying Wikidot icon next to each entry.

  • Just add RSS links from below (click the "View Feed XML") and delete the old RSS feed if you had one.

So please update your RSS feeds by adding the BVGB RSS feed below to stay up to date on all new blog entries:

If you are not interested in receiving all the posts (I don't know why not since they are all interesting), you can subscribe to the individual sections of the website.

For only Gamer Reviews, click this feed:

For only Previews, click this feed:

Media Gamer RSS will be created in the future, resources willing.

Thank you for understanding and making the switch!

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