The Mask SNES

By BlueZeroBlueZero

Note: I haven't played The Mask on SNES nor did I create this video. While I was browsing YouTube like I always do, I found what seems to be an archived video walkthrough of the first level of The Mask game. Since I LOVE the movie and the gameplay and commentary was entertaining, I thought it fit to share the video. Analysis of the first level after the click.

Looking at the footage, it seems like a company actually made a good movie video game. THQ actually took great care with the game because it follows the movie very nicely with signature moves. If THQ wanted a quick cash-in, they would have just made a generic platformer without the charm seen in the video.

I'm impressed they pulled off the Mask's moves so well. As soon as I saw the Cuban Pete maracas early in the video, I knew that the game was already good. The pocket horn animation is spot on from the movie. This game looks like it is a decent platformer

The narrator of the video has the classic 90's feel where everything was alright. There is something appealing about the phrase "Gaming in the Clinton Years." The Mask does have an "energy surplus." The narrator suffers from cheezy lines; probably more cheezy than he was aiming for since they were new back then? I purposefully chose to use the word "cheezy" instead of "cheesy" by the way. His best line was "Look at that granny fly!"

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