The Cinnamon Challenge: Real Life Gaming

By BlueZeroBlueZero

Welcome to the next level of gaming recorded by our very own Biased Video Gamer Blog! Enter a tablespoon, cinnamon and one lucky contestant dreaming of International fame and fortune. Watch as he attempts to swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon without spitting it out:

What you will notice from the video is that this challenge appears extremely easy when you hear about it. It's not easy at all and many failed attempts are chronicled on YouTube and other viral websites. I consider the Cinnamon Challenge a video game in its own right as first it was recorded on video and any challenge is a game.

Thinking back on the video, I am reminded of Smash TV where there is ""Big…money! Big…prizes! I love it!". While the person in the video didn't get free toasters (he was next to a toaster oven if that counts), he did successfully battle with the horrible tongue burning monster created by cinnamon. The victor is now able to say he completed one of the Internet challenges after not being able to finish the Saltine Challenge minutes before. (6 Saltines swallowed under 1 minutes). The Cinnamon Challenge would never work in game form because it would turn into having to push a button really fast similar to where Mario Party 1 destroyed people's palms for the "rotate the controller" mini-games.

Now you will never know what is going to pop up on a gaming blog. We have officially raised the bar with entertaining content. We'll just have to see how we are going to top this when we go back to our virtual electronic gaming.

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