Team Fortress 2: Meet the Spy!

By BlueZeroBlueZero

So the spies at Valve have managed to leak the Meet the Spy video. I would say that the Spy did it in the Blue Briefcase Room with the knife. Clue references aside, the video was obviously leaked on purpose to generate more excitement about spies and their glorious life. All you have to know is that this video takes the cake for the best Meet the …. video from Valve. Updated: We know know it is legitimate.

"Gentlemen" How are we supposed to meet the Spy if we don't even know who he really is? At the current time, all we know is that there is the possibility that the Red Spy is the coolest character ever in the game. The Scout's mother being in a pornography is so unexpected and awesome since they showed a quasi naked Red Spy.

Valve actually showed a female character in the Team Fortress 2 universe. The Scout's Mom needs to be a new character that either can be swapped for the Scout class or made an entirely new character. Conspiracy theories say that the Pryo is female and is possibly the Scout's Mom. This is possible proof but could be fake: Pyro Female

The Spy class is going to be played a lot more after this video is officially released. I know I want Valve to make this video happen in the game.

* In depth analysis of the official Meet the Spy Video Highlights.

Fan-Made Meet the Spy by Joe (JoeandTom)

Just for kicks, have a look at the best fan created Meet the Spy. Just look at all that great animation. The Spy got lucky when he shot that Sniper who was a Red Spy. The Spy can't even trust his cameraman. The true flash version is on Newgrounds here

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