Team Fortress 2: Meet the Medic Again

By BlueZeroBlueZero
24 Jun 2011 02:48


Thursday is the magic day where the Meet the Medic video has finally been released for Team Fortress 2. There really isn't much to say before you watch the video so please watch it after the click. I'll also give some brief analysis of the video which may include things you missed as well as what it means for the Team Fortress universe:

Now that you have fully met the Medic, you can understand why I play as him so often. He is able to keep the Heavy alive with his medic gun while performing the most intensive heart upgrade surgery ever performed. The white doves are an excellent touch and at 55 seconds you can see the Administrator observing the progress in the upper left window. She knows the value of implanting each class member with an uber heart. Next item of note is the brief exchange between the Medic and the Spy head:

Blu Spy (head attached to battery) : "Kill me."
Red Medic: "Later."

After the Heavy is now upgraded with a Mega Baboon Heart, it was time to practice medicine against a huge army of Blu soldiers. The top YouTube comment by salley94 is valid "So why DOES the Demoman's eye not grow back?" My answer is the eye did grow back and the Demoman is just too drunk to realize the there is now a perfectly good eye under his eyepatch. Just look at the Scout who has his knocked out teeth replaced instantly.

I'm more concerned with all the Blu Soldiers who all look almost identical. Usually Valve seemed to avoid showing the same class more than once if he was on the same team. I guess they needed a powerful army to warrant the uber as the Heavy stood his ground in his own video. As the heavy climbs the piles of Soldiers, notice the three star hat shown at 3:34. I hope it becomes available in the game as it looks cool.

The Heavy/Medic duo really is powerful (just like in the game) and I approve of Valve attempting to explain the Ubercharge. For the last film of Meet the Pyro, I hope Valve starts with the Medic attempting to perform the heart upgrade surgery and asking the Pyro to remove his clothes to begin. This will kick off the rest of the Pyro's video and we will see what lurks beneath the gasmask. With no origins and a impossible to decipher voice, it will be extremely challenging for Valve to meet the community's Pyro expectations. I'm guessing the Pyro is either Hispanic (sombrero hat), female (Scout's Mother anyone?) or a robot (limited speech capabilities).

Free to Play
The end of the video says Team Fortress 2 is now free-to-play forever and ever. Our guess why Valve decided to make the game free-to-play forever is because they have been raking in a mint on the microtransactions, namely the hats and weapons. When they can sell a virtual hat for $10 a pop, which is more than the game costs, it makes perfect sense to invite everyone into their store to increase their customer base.

Thank you Valve. I'm glad you have supported Team Fortress 2 for so long and I know you are happy with the virtual content money rolling into your pockets.

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