Team Fortress 2 Amusing Death Cams

By BlueZeroBlueZero

After playing Team Fortress 2 for a while, I've accumulated a lot of death cam pictures. Just by pressing F5, you save a piece of history of your spectacular defeat. Since I play the game on many different computers, I am missing some of my earlier screenshots. These screenshots are native 1440 x 900 but I believe the game reduces the quality when taken. Let's start off with some Heavy freeze death cam shots since he is very photogenic:


A Heavy Burden

The Heavy loves to be sniped in the head. It's one of the reasons I don't play him because the Snipers are too overpowered against him. Sometimes he can survive an arrow going through his head. It wasn't enough to save me.Team_Fortress2_Barkeep_Death.jpg
Nooooo, the Barkeep, the generic person in all bars both real and video game related was decapitated seconds after I died. Looks like the Barkeep settled my Domination as he got revenge.Team_Fortress2_Heavy_Firing.jpg
The Pride of Russia is strong indeed. Coming from a Heavy Weapons Guy who is also firing flames out from his underarm, I'll take this death as a token from the Motherland.

Soldier Style

Only the soldier can fire a rocket with flair even after his target was destroyed. If only I were the Blu Soldier who dodged the rockets where I did not.

Halloween Hats

Here are some quick screenshots of the brown bag hats. While not active unless it's near Halloween, I for some reason have some to show. Yes, you are handsome and groovy!

Celebrity Kills

Here is a few of the famous people who have taken me down in Team Fortress 2. With the ability to have multiple aliases in Steam, people have developed some creative names for just humiliating players. These images have not been photo edited to add names, these are taken from me being mercilessly killed.

Yes, Jean Luc Picard would have to be the Sniper as Patrick Steward's accent would make me instantly lose match. He doesn't have enough weight to enter the Heavy category, baldish head aside.Team_Fortress2_Jesus_Christ.jpg
Yes, Jesus is hiding among us as a spy. One day he will be visible in his true form. Until then, he stabbed me quite well in the back with a butterfly knife.Team_Fortress2_Toasted_Toast.jpg
Ah, more reference to the Toast video. Someone got revenge on the Soldier killing me. Seconds after my character dies, someone else burns this toast fool. Next time I'll take extra-crispy. Team_Fortress2_Number_Muncher.jpg
The only reason I took this screenshot was because I was amazed someone was using a alias of Number Muncher. That guy is a celebrity from my elementary school days and deserves to be mentioned. The Demoman's face is a little disturbing when the camera clips inside him.

Strange Death Cams

For some reason, this next image makes no sense. Why is my head in the Scout's hand when it clearly isn't?

Slow-mo Demoman explosion. Shouldn't play with explosives when you only have one eye and are drunk. I bet there are tons of these kinds of death cams as I am constantly playing Payload and there are always tons of Demomen.

The rest of the gallery is below for your browsing convenience:

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