Super Smash Brothers MALR Collection

By BlueZeroBlueZero

For Smash Brothers Brawl enjoyment, you need look no further than great fan videos. Today I will be displaying the great work of M.A.L.R. known as MALRWiiStation360 on Youtube.

My favorite segment out of the first collection is Falcon's speed dating and anything that includes Snake's trademark box. Falcon will get you.

Collection 2

King Dedede is really Santa. We knew that all along. Snake is a good gift to receive.

We already know that one Falcon Punch can create a rift in time and space (see next video if you are naive). Two Falcon punches colliding destroys the universe.

Collection 3 (NSFW because of language)


I like the choice of music for the third collection. A little Banjo Kazooie sets the right mood. Plus, Ganondorf does his SPARTA kick. Marth should really be speaking English since Ike can. The end segment of the video was the best part.


Guess Who Brawl (NSFW because of language)

This is my new favorite video because it builds on the Guess Who commercials I used to see often. Then it pairs great video footage from Brawl into a clever take of the commercial.

For people who haven't seen the commercial:

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