Super Smash Brothers 3DS Preview

By BlueZeroBlueZero


Nintendo is going to be officially announcing the development of Super Smash Brothers 3DS, the next entry in the Super Smash Brothers series for the Nintendo 3DS portable system at E3. HAL Laboratory is currently in the pre-production phase and is discussing key features and additions. Planed hardware features wanted to be implemented include:


• Local and WiFi Battling
• Friend Messaging
• StreetPass and SpotPass Connectivity
• Augmented Reality

Masahiro Sakurai is not the Director for the 3DS version since his company Sora Ltd. is focused on completing Kid Icarus: Uprising for launch later this year. Mr. Sakurai had also promised to not direct another Smash Brothers due to the grueling development schedule and destructive lifestyle. Masahiro Sakurai will indirectly involved as a creative consultant for HAL Laboratory.

The Nintendo 3DS system is seen as an excellent opportunity to evolve the Super Smash Brothers series. An idea currently being tested is using augmented reality so any real world surface can be used as a fighting stage. By having the 3DS stationary or contained in a cradle, characters can fight on tables, shelves and other similar flat surfaces. By adding books and other items to the surface before the match, augmented reality can create platforms and obstacles to change up the battlefield.


For the character roster, there are current talks with third party companies like SEGA and Konami to include more guest characters in Super Smash Brothers 3DS. Based on fan feedback and continuing negotiation with the publishers, Nintendo will most likely announce Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog series) and Raiden (Metal Gear Solid series) as playable characters. First party characters currently being discussed include:

• Little Mac
• Balloon Fighter
• Samurai Goroh
• Skull Kid
• Tingle

Nintendo recognizes fans have spent tons of time customizing their Miis and want them to join the battle. A new feature is the ability to import your Miis into the character roster to fight alongside Nintendo greats like Mario and Kirby. The Miis will have a default moveset with some possible customization to allow any Mii to be compatible. Nintendo has already implemented Miis in a similar fashion with Mario Kart Wii with tremendous success. I can already see it now with a Michael Jackson Mii teaming up with Wario for the ultimate unsightly Ness domination.

Let’s hope Super Smash Brothers 3DS doesn’t take more than three years of development like Super Smash Brothers Brawl. If Nintendo puts Tingle in the game as a playable character, I’m not going to be happy if they don’t include Issac from Golden Sun. My body is ready for the 3D, I just need more games like this to make me buy a 3DS.

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