Sonic and Sega All Star Racing Banjo Trailer Preview

By BlueZeroBlueZero

There are only two reasons why I would ever post about a new Sonic racing game:

  1. The narrator for this trailer was amazing
  2. Banjo and Kazooie are guest characters racing along awesome characters Eggman and Ryo

Check out the trailer before I lay down the smackdown on what is sure to be a bargain bin contender a few months from now.

Ok, so one of these characters is definitely not from the Sega universe but at lease Banjo and Kazooie have raced in cart games before. Banjo must have been the victor of Diddy Kong racing and surely beat the other laughable characters in Banjo Pilot. So Microsoft thinks they can boost sales of the Sega franchise by crossing it with the Nuts N Bolts "Rare Bear Banjo".

Oh, I'm sorry Microsoft and Rare, you trust Sega to make a good modern Sonic game? It's gimmicks like including exclusive 360 characters that indicate the core racing will be boring or poorly executed. It doesn't make sense how 4 Avatar friends can run faster than vehicles. Why do I have to assume that Sonic will be a speed character when stats should really come down to the vehicle's performance? Why is Tails able to fly in a plane while Banjo can't compete on foot with the Talon Trot? Tails should be broken since he can just avoid all attacks and take some major shortcuts.

I love Banjo and Kazooie, but I know this game is just a cash in for nostalgia purposes. I mean who doesn't love to see Sonic, Ryo, Ulala and other classic characters in 3D HD. I want to race with them just as much as people wanted to avoid the 360's that were bundled with Sega Superstars Tennis.

In conclusion, I'll make sure to get my "paws" on some "premium high Performance Power-ups". The "Yes!" at the end of the trailer was barely comparable to Captain Falcon's "YEEES". I'm still waiting on Rare to make triple A caliber games again, but I know their time has passed. Maybe a Killer Instinct 3 with outstanding visuals and gameplay could resurrect their status with the hardcore gamers instead of Microsoft directing them toward the casual route.

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