Sonic Adventure 2: Excellent and Horrible Music and Video

By BlueZeroBlueZero

To start the article, the pain of Knuckle's music:


"We are at Pumpkin Hill (Hell)"

"I know that it's here, I can sense it in my feet,"
"The great emerald's power allows me to feel"
"I can't see a thing but it's around somewhere."

The Master Emerald allows you to feel nothing! You are right, you can't see anything, that's why you can't find it.
Imagine a treasure hunt without a compass on a level of pumpkin towers. You will be searching for at least 10 minutes if you know what you are doing and are lucky to be playing the Gamecube version with more hints. Can you handle that song playing for more than 10 to 15 minutes? I know I can't.


To heal the wounds, I offer the amazing Sonic's "City Escape" music.

I can listen to this music as much as I want. There is a reason why the first level (The City) is one of the best. The excellent music paired with great level design of Sonic racing through a city is a great union.


Unfortunately, we have to take another fall with more Knuckle's music from the "Death Chamber":

I think the lyrics and titles of the songs sum up things quite nicely. Knuckles takes you to Pumpkin Hell on his first level and then later to the Death Chamber where you wish you were dead instead of finding stupid pieces of the Master Emerald.

The fundamental flaw comes to this: Knuckles is strong and can glide. Rap does fit his mood but it needs more energy, it shouldn't be "relaxing" or have a slow beat. The emerald search gameplay concept is the greatest problem. The levels are not fun and you are forced to listen to the music while you feel the burn.

The music composers of Sonic Adventure 2 really love Sonic and really hate Knuckles. They express the difference between Sonic's speed and Knuckle's …. treasure hunting skills. Yes, they didn't know what to do with Knuckle's power and glide so he has the worst part of the game. He gets to roam around barren levels and find a 3 tiny hidden emeralds before his head explodes from poor music. You could spend upwards of 15 minutes listening to the Knuckle songs, I know I have and I have skillz.


Since you have suffered through Knuckle's horrible music compared to Sonic's, there is a prize at the end. Sonic has another great song that kicks Knuckles in his Master Emerald. Live and Learn Knuckles!

1 million views speak for itself.

One note for the people who like Knuckles' music: You can like the music but you can't like the emerald search. That doesn't belong in a Sonic game!


Oh, and anything music related to Eggman in this game is epic. If you would lend me your ears, you will experience it first-hand:

Yes, Eggman blew up a part of the Moon out of sheer awesomeness. He doesn't care about reason or values, he just wanted to intimidate his future minions. The Eggman Theme is also one of the most catchy themes for a villain I have heard.

If that isn't enough epic Eggman music, I can cinch it with the very addictive Egg Golem, a creation of Eggman that either turns against him or against Sonic. Since Eggman made it, by extension, the music is related to Eggman.

To end this section, I know there is one video that must be shown. I ran into it while searching for the uploaded music (I didn't want to upload it here). God bless Action Replay. Without further ado, he is what you can come to see. This is entertainment folks!

Eggman sure knows how to escape from the city! 2:44 was pretty sweet! …..and Eggman has left the building at the end.

  • Update 3/6: YouTube Links since some had been removed.

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