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By SarcasmancerSarcasmancer

Scribblenauts is a good time waiting to happen, in small plastic cartridge form. Touch-only controls do hamper the experience an appreciable agree but… I already wrote this review. Read it if you want, but I’m coming to you today to share some occasionally useful (but more frequently amusing or impractical) words for fellow starite hunters. Figures that the guy who usually posts here about books would be going on about a game you play with words. This is not a guide or a comprehensive list by any means, nor has it suffered any stronger scrutiny than my own personal observation. In other words, it's just for fun.


Best Method of Flight: Pterodactyl. Not only is it a dinosaur but it is fast and sleek so you can summon it in tight corridors. Incidentally…

Best Trick: Shrink Magic. Drop this little sucker on something (like vehicles and mounts) and bang! They turn smaller. This can be pretty game-breaking since it will allow you to navigate really tight areas (designed to prevent vehicular flight) with the greatest of ease.

Best Goon: Longcat. I'm not joking and I'm not picking Longcat just because it's a meme. He is the best thug because he is invulnerable to almost everything except Nukes (which reset the stage anyway) and bottomless pits. His attacks are kind of slow though, so if you're in a rush, write up a Giant Enemy Crab. They also answer to Massive Damage. Or if you are working in close quarters, use a Blob.


Best Attack: Blackhole is a fairly obvious choice, though you run the risk of getting sucked into it yourself. "Everything" and "Nothing" produce the same effect. Use with extreme caution.

Best Building: Shelter. It will shield you from a few attacks, and apparently there's some kind of glitch that will allow you to bypass certain barriers.

Best Vehicle: Mech gets my vote, more for awesomeness than practicality.

In fact, let's set practicality aside for a moment and discuss some of the zaney reactions between different sorts of NPCs. Atheists will cower before God in terror and Elephants will flee from mice. Ninjas and Pirates will fight to the death. Communists will destroy money and attack Capitalists who flee in terror. Punks will mug and beat up Emos (though apparently they do that to everybody). God kills bad people, except in one mission where he sends bad people to heaven.


While writing this article, I was exploring the game's robust fantasy offerings and decided to create a dwarf, an elf, a wizard, a ranger and a halfling. Prompted by my fiance, I dropped a ring in their midst, and my makeshift fellowship proceeded to beat the living bejeezus out of each other. Impractical? Yes. Entertaining? Absolutely. Even without multiplayer, Scribblenauts has serious party game potential.

Post a reply if you find anything really special, like how to build that penguin piloted bathtub helicopter depicted in the manual.

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