RSS Feed Problems-Update Please Read!

By BlueZeroBlueZero

I have been having problems with Feedburner's MyBrand option on Wikidot. It works sporadically but there are still some problems. My belief is that every time there was a new blog post, the RSS feed blew up. Yes, blew up is a technical term. Lots of computer scientists know when lines of code explode.

Anyway, I am going to try a new feed URL and see if it will work with some blog posts. If it is working, especially if it is working with MyBrand, then I will replace the main RSS feed with the new one. NOTE: the main RSS feed content won't change. I'll keep you posted.

EDIT: Ok, I think I have fixed the problems. It was Wikidot's fault. I was using it to generate a feed using tags. I am now using code within the pages to create an RSS feed based on descending order (which incorporates individual sections such as "Gamer Review". Each page now has it's own RSS feed which is goes through Wikidot. My Feedburner feeds are linked on the website if you want more powerful things such as email subscriptions. MyBrand is working now so the domain is getting credit. So here is what you have to do:

I'll try and phase out the old BVGBFeed after a while.

  • If you use Gamer Review and/or Video Gamer Preview feeds, you don't have to do anything. I updated the link on the backend so you should be getting updated content and have a working RSS.

The lesson for today is to use the "rss=" coding for ListPages on Wikidot. Don't just try and create your own RSS through tags like I did.

EDIT 2 : I'm still having problems, I will do further testing. I am currently tweaking Feedburner options to get the feeds to work. I don't like having them work for a day and then not updating. I hypothesize that the problems are related to pinging the RSS from Feedburner and the main problem is that Feedburner sees the XML as incorrectly formated. Yet, it will display correctly and then later not work. If there are any more problems, blame Wikidot for not formating their RSS according to the spec and blame Feedburner for now updating the feed often enough.

EDIT 3 4/16/09
I'm not sure what is going on because the original feeds sometimes go down even though I don't change them. I think the feeds are working but have problems updating.

If for some reason the Feedburner links aren't working, you can always rely on the RSS feeds that appear in the browser (these are different from the links I put on the main pages). In Firefox, the RSS icon appears in the top right part of the URL window. In Explorer 7, the RSS icon will light up below the URL window.

Thank you for your patience with the RSS feeds. I am still learning Wikidot's coding and was trying the advanced MyBrand Feedburner option. I blame Wikidot's RSS formating for the problems that we shouldn't be having.

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