Resident Evil 4 iPhone Game Revealed

By BlueZeroBlueZero

Watch as a graphically intense game barely pulls off the gameplay on the iPhone. Notice how there are barely any objects in the village square. I'm glad that they could at least render the same enemy 3 times in one scene. This is a currently revealed game on Iphone, most likely authorized by Capcom and out this year.

If I had an iPhone, I would NOT buy it since I have already bought it twice, once for Gamecube and once for Wii. Capcom has to stop riding those coattails and fix the Resident Evil franchise since 5 didn't live up to my hype.

I bet these few enemies on screen was the equivalent of Dead Rising on Wii. Capcom called that "port" a Resident Evil 4 lite with the same controls and more emphasis on individual kills. I think Dead Rising Wii failed to render enough zombies to make people panic.

More information and screens are on the AppBank site: Resident Evil 4 iPhone. Note that the site is in Japanese.

My original discovery of this video is credited to Joystiq.

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