Real Life Pac-Man

By BlueZeroBlueZero
24 Mar 2011 22:16

Once in a while video game characters become larger than life and capture our hearts. The original Pac-Man arcade machine captured the joys of eating pellets, food and the occasional ghost. Remi Gaillard, a prankster from France, shows us how Pac-Man works in real life:

My favorite part of the video is when Pac-Man is eating his way through the frozen section where you can see the other ghosts running the opposite direction. This is as faithful as you can get to the original even with the underused cherry costume being tackled. As you watch the video, as you amazed at the collateral damage this prank caused? I certainly was nervous as soon as Pac-Man knocked down the circular rack. All was forgiven by the ghost tripping over it. Even the film crew couldn't contain their laughter.

A second moral of the story is golfers are really testy when someone runs up and touches their ball. I mean Pac-Man was supposed to be invincible since he picked up the large pellet golf ball. Pac-Man really should have lost two lives for being hit with a golf club because only Ms. Pac-Man can dish out that kind of tough love.

At the final story location, I'm also impresses Pac-Man barely knocks anything off the shelves and only does so because a woman is in the way. The security guard earns major props for containing both ghosts and the eventual pileup of Pac-Man. He has earned the high score in Pac-Man and is so humble he doesn't want to be filmed during his greatest moment. I can't speak or read French so I'm sure at the end of the video everyone is happy, especially the cherry costume guy since it's his second appearance.

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