"Movie Gamers" Movie Reviews by Gamers

By BlueZeroBlueZero

There is a new section of BVGB called Movie Gamers as you can see by the new tab at the top. This section is dedicated to gamers who love watching movies and is a place for movie reviews. Movie Gamers is separate from Media Gamer because Media Gamer is focused on video games and media that could be indirectly related to video games. Movie Gamers is only focused on movies that directors make and release in movie theaters or straight to DVD.

The first review for Movie Gamers is the review of the recent graphic novel movie Watchmen. At the current time, Movie Gamers doesn't have an RSS feed but if it expands enough, it will get one in the future.

On a side note, I have hopefully fixed the RSS feeds. I have been having problems with Feedburner and MyBrands. I hope these problems are solved.

I will also try and fix the top menus to look like they are supposed to look from the Glass theme.

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