N64 Cartridge Weights

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17 Oct 2010 20:23


EDIT: An updated version of this article can be found here:

The following is a list of all the N64 games that I had access too. One day I felt like chronicling my game collections. I started with my N64 Games. Recording the names was a tedious but simple process, but during the flipping and lifting of the games I noticed that the carts had distinctly different weights. Few else seemed to have weighed N64 carts before and put a list together (and who would weight CDs?), so I set about doing it.

Alas, I did not have a highly accurate measuring device, instead I had a letter scale. [Used to see if you need extra postage for your letter] I don't even know the error involved with that, especially since it didn't have many measurement ticks to enhance the precision. So, I just threw a +/- error 0.3 oz (The letter scale weighed in oz).

In addition, I took the metacritic scores for the game, and added them to as many of the games that meta-critic had data for. They are unlikely to be changed for 2x generation old system, so I consider it to be data complete.

As for the year and publisher, either I read it off the back of the cartridge, or I went to Wikipedia for it. I take no responsibility for problems that arise through inaccuracies in this data, it is meant for historical record, and enlightenment.

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