Morrowind Overhaul Mod (PC)

By Zott820Zott820
06 Apr 2012 06:11

One day I was browsing YouTube and I came across the above video. I was stunned. This could not be Morrowind! The graphics in the video show an enchanting world with depth of field blurring, pervasive foliage and silky water effects. The water effects even looked superior to Skyrim's (Which I'll admit isn't that hard since the water in that game is quite ugly for its age). It was only when I recognized the buildings and the characters that I realized that this must be Morrowind. A heavily enhanced Morrowind.

Morrowind is my favorite game in the Elder Scrolls Saga. I tried to get into Oblivion, but I could not remain interested despite an early dose of Patrick Stewart. Skyrim has done a better job of holding me, as I spend a couple hours on the game each time I boot it, but it still didn't have the allure of the world of Vvardenfell.

This is "Morrowind Overhaul", a compilation of Morrowind mods done right. While it could take ages for one person to create all the graphics needed for such an overhaul, the mod's creators have tapped into the resources of the now ten-year-old community. Gaining the express consent of mod creators, they are avoiding the pitfalls of some compilation mods that take what they please from other works and pass it off as their own.

I have not had the opportunity to try out this mod for myself, but if I ever get the game installed again, I will surely give this mod a try. Feel free to tell me how it is in the comments section.

Finally, as a cool fun fact, Morrowind was one of the few games to use TruForm, albeit unofficially. This was tessellation before the DirectX 11 tessellation hype. Ahhh repackaged technology, all about the marketing.

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