Modern Warfare 2 Flag Runner Trailer Preview

By BlueZeroBlueZero

The new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 trailer shows off a person capturing the flag while surviving what I call a setup trailer. FourZeroTwo hinted that Tuesday was the day they would release the trailer and there is a lot of stuff shown off in the short time. Notice how the the gameplay seems all staged to show off an epic flag capture. Notice how much more damage the bullets do. A person is brought down with a second of firing even from across the map. More analysis after the click.

Starting with the beginning of the trailer, I observed that they brought back the old voice for the renegade forces. At the 20 second mark, it can be seen that one guy got 4 kills from an airstrike or missle. It must be very easy to get since there is a lot of explosions going on in the map.

The game is also giving out a lot of points for kills. When the person gets the four kill streak, they get 100 points and also have the perk of using an Airdrop. The five kill streak is a Predator Missile. The player doesn't use it because they need the trailer to be dynamic and stopping to aim a airstrike/missle isn't action packed. 50 points for picking up a flag and a base of 50 points for a kill put the point system into perspective. It appears a player gets 20 points for an assist kill. 250 points for capping the flag seems low for the 100 points he got for the 4 kill streak.

As for new weapons, I like that they have included a newer rocket launcher which can be seen on the left side of the HUD which details the kills. It seems to have a lot of splash damage as the main player was hit near the top of the stairs and it seemed to hit near the bottom. Many of the new names of the guns can be seen by pausing the trailer when the main player steps over a dead body. At 1:06 for example, there is some gun named the TAR-21 FMJ. The main character appears to have C4 and maybe a mine which can be seen in the lower right of the HUD. People are using riot shields at the start and end of the trailer. These people don't die in the trailer so maybe Infinity Ward is signaling that they will over overpowered like in Counter Strike.

The player is using a MP5K when he switches at the 49 second mark. This gun seems overpowered and the MP5 was overpowered in Call of Duty 4 for being available at the lower ranks. The new gun seems really powerful. The lack of a melee kill in the trailer was disappointing because I wanted to see the new animations.

The end of the trailer once again shows off FourZeroTwo. He is using an aimbot to get so many sniper kills. The knife icon in the lower screen shows that the knife must be a special weapon like C4. I like the UAV icon in the corner as well. The biggest shocker at the end is that Infinity Ward has created a true host migration to cover the "Host has ended the game" annoyance from CoD 4. The main player sneaks up behind the sniper and perfectly lines up the throwing knife. Enter the BUZZKILL!, which is where you stop the enemy short of a killstreak. 175 points is a lot of poinst for a kill and this Bullseye achievement. I'm going to be getting a lot of Bullseye kills if the knife is a decent weapon. Also, the knife is gone after being used so it looks like it is a one time use item unless you can pick it up again, which I hope you can. Throwing knives are the staples of great games like GoldenEye and Perfect Dark.

In case you haven't noticed, Modern Warfare 2 is an instant buy for me on PS3. I could get it on PC, but I know that there will be too much competition and cheating like there was in Call of Duty 4. Plus the PC version costing $60 is a ripoff since Activision just wants more money. Regardless, there seems to be enough new content here that the multiplayer can outshine Infinity Ward's last game of the year.

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