Modern Warefare 2 Infamy Trailer Analysis

By BlueZeroBlueZero

Like clockwork, when there is another trailer for Modern Warefare 2, I jump on it and quickly digest its delicious flavor. In the newest trailer, we are presented with more terrorist activity which invading the US. There are scenes of the White House under fire and the Washington Monument damaged. Washington DC in this trailer is pretty much a wasteland.

I like the detail Infinity Ward put into the game. There are actual dead bodies in the mall scene instead of the usual empty mall. This means that the terrorists may be striking at random throughout the United States. Most likely the mall is still in Washington DC.

One of the people in the trailer looks like the USMC guy who was near the warpig Warpig. I think his name is Ssgt. Griggs and he had the awesome deep voice. In this trailer he shows up around 1:18. At least I think it is him. Also, my money is that at 1:03 that the guy in the boat to the right is our favorite character with the amazing mustache. Yes, that means that Price is back! There is no way that man could remain critically injured or even die. His mustache gives him the Perk Juggernaut in my mind.

There are more sections where the player is on rails. This new trailer shows that the main character can drive with one hand and fire with the other. This mechanic was shown in one of the earlier trailers when the guy was on a snowmobile.

The graphics in the first 15 seconds of the trailer are incredible. The soldier is very well rendered with many details. I hope that the engine really does pump out the color and the details throughout the rest of the game. This trailer had a lot less color than the first trailer. This is worrisome.

I hope that the Washington DC mission has you rescuing the President from a hostage situation. Why else would the soldiers be trying to get into the White House. Another possibility is that the terrorists have control of the giant RED BUTTON AKA US nuclear defense/offense systems. Either way, we know for a fact that DC is pretty much no longer a tourist destination unless people like looking at a warzone. It would be impressive if there were multiple endings based on your actions but I doubt they would include it.

Overall, the DC landscape is very well detailed. I'm still getting the game when it comes out on PS3. Yes, I used the trailer with the 360 logo. The 360 version is going to sell the best anyway. I'll be owning people with the easiest multiplayer community, the so-so PS3 competitive FPS players.

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