Media Gamer: You Have to Burn the Rope Edition

By BlueZeroBlueZero


The game titled You Have to Burn the Rope is nothing new. It's been featured for quite a while now. What is great about this game is that this is a game that 95% percent of the casual fanbase can complete. The casual people just have to remember the three basic rules and understand that there is a boss, their weapons are useless, and you have to burn the rope to kill the boss. Go play YHTBTR Game, it's free to play online. Expect MASSIVE SPOILERS from the next video after the click.

OK, so for the people that can't beat the game, please look at the following video. I'm going to use the Game Tips Found Online video which was their game of the month. It has the best video quality and is great to watch since they only have 27 views as of this article. The user is going to beat the game in under 5 minutes. The game creator didn't want to make a longer game.

After you beat the game, you are treated to a Portalesque ending song praising your game feats. The credits music is catchy but not on the same level as Still Alive.

"How are you going to spend the rest of your day? Maybe watch a video? Maybe press refresh and start again?"

There should be more creative games like You Have to Burn the Rope that make us question what a game really is. I think we could see the Grinning Colossus again in the future, that guy is cool.

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