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By BlueZeroBlueZero

Let's warm up the party by traveling back to golden age of gaming circa 1995/1998 when I played the Sim City 2000 and the Urban Renewal expansion. Besides being one of my first simulation games, it had a rocking introduction song which I would describe as a modern-retro jazzy hit. If you have ever played the game, you should be aware the Mac version had much better sound than the PC version as was true of most games at the time. The Mac synthesizer is used to create the upbeat intro song. Read on for more music version:

Do note this song is not impressive by todays standards or my hundreds of dollars in sound equipment. The bass is a little tinnier than it should be but I remember this song coming out of my Performa while I did my pre-game dance. After the first minute of the song, there is a transition into a more industrial theme. This was usually the song which played while I was creating/editing my starting town. I'm spent sooo many hours creating cities and unleashing disasters as well as building

At 2:53, this is the music I believe plays when a newspaper headline appears or the game prompts you with a llama related joke as was the style at the time. Will Wright loves his llamas. He failed by not creating a llama in Spore or at least have them as the number one downloaded character. The rest of the song shows off the other musical pieces from the game.

Sim City 2000 Remix Vs Original DOS version

Let's continue on to a remix of this main theme. Here's what the Sim City 2000 main theme would sound like in a modern game. Then compare with the inferior PC/DOS version:

To wrap this up, enjoy a YouTube user's Sim City 2000 theme on piano. His piano sounds retro enough to make me feel like its coming from my mac while the sound quality is crisp enough to know it's a real piano. Following up is the PSX version I use as my phone ringtone. It is named Downtown Dance and can be downloaded here:

I already told you I used to dance to this music so hopefully you don't see me dancing down the street to my own phone:

Sim City 2000 Intro Video

Now that I've burned this song into your head, let's progress by watching the introductory video. It's a good way to justify 5 versions of music on this page. Kudos to those of you who sampled them all. Can you believe these 3D graphics for pre-rendered videos were ahead of its time? At the very least, this tune will follow me around as the tour the city!

Updated to Include Easter Egg Music
I've added the secret easter egg music from Sim City 4. You can hear it from the ice cream truck driving around your city. There is also the secret Sim City 2000 theme hidden within Sim City 3000 hidden as the SC2KBUG.XA file. The next question is does Sim City Societies have throwback music?

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