Media Gamer: Random Scatman Edition

By BlueZeroBlueZero

Link's not so good games live on in parody form. The three Zelda CDI games should never have been made. This is why Nintendo doesn't license out first party properties any more. This happy fellow is the local shopkeep. His name is Morshu and he likes to fly in and out of the screen like all the other CDI characters. This is what video game creators must have thought was ground breaking with a change of animated character perception. After the click are more strange videos you want to watch.

Phoenix Wright makes amazing content for YouTube users to remix. Just look at how they make use of Godot, who shouldn't exist in the same universe with a vampire and other strange characters. I was half expecting him to fire a laser beam out of his visor like Cyclops.

  • It's too bad this next video has embedding disabled. Enjoy the Phoenix Wright Ace Scatman:
The video is so addictive.

So I didn't play FF X-2, but I have watched the introduction video. The creator of this video has done a great job pairing the song with clips.

Morshu Approves this Post!

This post needed more Morshu. He approves the Gameboy! So do I. Everyone loves the Gameboy Super Mario game with Daisy, the Japan stage, strange Mario vehicles, and of course the Can-can as the invincibility music. The music in the video is the first world's theme and it sure is catchy.

In conclusion, this post's power level is OVER 9000!!!

Updated Morshu Scatman 8/18/2010

MegaGrambo spent 3 months creating a true Scatman version where Morshu sings along with his limited voice samples. Very well done, just watch out for the quick cuts to black which create a strobe effect.

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