Media Gamer: Modern Warefare 2 Dedicated Servers

By BlueZeroBlueZero

By now you know that Infinity Ward is going to be using their own "matchmaking" system for the PC version of Modern Warefare 2 (Call of Duty 6). This effectively means the end of dedicated servers where people have control over server settings. There might be no way to incorporate modding into the multiplayer sector if users have the authenticate through IW's servers prior to playing online. Some Internet users go as far as to say that modding will not be supported at all if IW forces people to log in to even play single player. The video above, in the same fashion as the Anti Left 4 Dead 2 spot, shows the fervor of the PC community. Analysis of the situation after the click.

For reference, Bobby Kotick is some high ranking Activision guy. AKA the CEO.

The reason for the PC backlash is that we as a elitist crowd are legion and are able to get our way. Some PC gamers have been denied being right in life and the Internet and video games are the only places where they have some power. You tell these people that they can't run their own server and thus can't be superior, you tell these people to boycott and flame your game.

Another part of the anger is that FourZeroTwo basically had to play the role of Marketing PR by saying that this matchmaking only system is better and an evolution for PC gaming. Hmm, taking away an option is never a step in the right direction. Moreover, this setup is bad if IW ever took down their servers (unlikely when compared with similar systems like BattleNet and Steam). I personally want to see mods on the PC platform and dedicated servers are always better than a few servers.

I understand that Infinity Ward is making this move to combat piracy on the PC. They saw the high number of people playing without a cd key on servers and they want to get a piece of that pie. The catalyst was Activision, a company that has been reducing the range of PC Internet gameplay with their no LAN for Starcraft II. Thus, I hope that gamers are able to cope with less for their money. With MW2's price of $59.99 on PC, an increase of $10, PC gamers better make their money do the talking.

Here is a video of the now famous Hitler scenes for any huge paradigm shift in the gaming world.

So anyway, this recent announcement which I first read on Kotaku a few days doesn't change my standpoint about the game. I am still getting the PS3 version because I feel I can dominate the players where on PC I will get possibly destroyed. Maybe nowadays with my new Core i7 and gaming mouse, I can compete, but I don't want to pay $60 for a PC game. For PS3, still a day one purchase. For PC, I would wait a couple months for the price drop. For 360, I hope you enjoy paying $50 a year to play the same game online. Oh, what's that? You are correct, this is my bias! If you are a Wii gamer, enjoy a badly made port of Call of Duty 4, which I doubt few people haven't played this Game of the Year.

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