Media Gamer: Castlevania Death Boss Surprise

By BlueZeroBlueZero
12 Feb 2012 08:02


If you are like me, you love the handheld Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow almost as much as its sequel Dawn of Sorrow. Well if you were me, you would be gushing over Castlevania: Circle of the Moon on Gameboy Advance, my first Castlevania game I played. Anyway, the series if known for its punishing bosses that push the player to incredible levels of frustration. Enter this remarkable YouTube video by ZSlyer where he faces Death in Aria of Sorrow. Can he defeat Death? You'll be shocked at the answer:

First watch the video and then read the rest of my commentary. For people who want to jump into the good stuff, I would skip ahead to about 1:30 where things start to heat up.

ZSlyer starts taking lots of damage from Death's twin scythes and runs out of magic to keep his spinning fireballs active. His first mistake in my mind is choosing the short range Tiny Devils weapon to deal more damage as it forces him to get too close to the blades. When I fought Death, I liked to use the longer range soul weapons.

ZSlyer did a lot better against Death's second form that I did. I took massive damage from Death's teleport scythe attack. ZSlyer just jumps upward to avoid it, well played sir.

At the end of the video, I couldn't stop laughing for a good minute or so. I had no idea the double scythes could actually deal damage after Death was defeated.

So did Soma defeat Death? Yes and no. He beat the boss Death and gained a level. He couldn't overcome Death's scythes which sent his soul to the underworld at 2:40. It all pans out in slow motion and I'm sure the player also had a great laugh. Though from the video description, it seems ZSlyer had as much trouble as I did back in the day. Death means business and lives up to his name this time!

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