First-Hand Look at Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 MP Hackers

By BlueZeroBlueZero

Recently there has been some doom and gloom information that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on PS3 is unplayable due to uncontrolled hacking. Joystiq's article reports MW2 is unplayable with hackers ruining every single match. My biggest fear from the news was where players in hacked servers can sometimes permanently lose their stats (unlocks, emblems, guns, killstreaks). Needless to say I was afraid to touch Modern Warfare 2 until I recently rejoined the multiplayer community to investigate first-hand:

Since I didn't want to lose my prior MP stats, I decided I would use one of my other PSN logins with no playtime to play. So I hesitantly re-entered the online portion of the game and had a fried also join my party with a new PSN ID. The first map was the Sub with team deathmatch. Surprisingly, I encountered no people hacking and proceeded to level up to level 3 using the UMP gun.

Fast forward an hour without witnessing any hacking, I finally see the only hacked server out of my two hours of play. At this point I was playing the Ground War mode and joined a game in-progress. I had to laugh as the game loaded the Rust map, the smallest map in the game for a mode which supports a max 16 players. Once the game was done loading, I was in the select a class screen and behind it the game was showing a person who was landing from a really high jump. Before I even entered the game, the host ended the game of Domination at a strange number of like 105 to 80. Needless to say I changed servers but did not see my stats deleted or any ill will towards my PSN account.

After that one server where the host was hacking, I didn't encounter any other hacking as I leveled up to 14 and then stopped. Some possible reasons are perhaps most hackers are being put in higher ranked matches with people at level 70 or multiple prestige rankings. I usually only play Team Deathmatch and Ground War so maybe the other game modes have more hacking interest. Also, I was playing at about 6pm to 8pm PST on Wednesday Jan 19 2011, which I assumed would be the gold mine for traffic in MW2. Yet still only saw one hacked server for the 2 hours.

I wasn't encountering this level of hacking like on PC with aimbots:

The only hacking I could see was the game unbalance where I was rocking with overpowered guns like the RPD, grenade and AT4 launchers. At the very least, it's still tons of fun to play the riot shield with the throwing knife/AT4/stun grenade combo. As soon as I could build my own class, I was able to usually be at the top and win unless the game mode is Domination which is really just "Get 25 kills and get the nuke first". "Enemy nuke incoming, it's over!"

  • Update: I got back on and played multiplayer on Saturday Jan 22 and about half of the matches were unplayable due to hacking where the match would end early or I was forced to spectate with the start menu automatically going back into the game. I still did manage to get a lot of playtime in and I had a really rare sniper spree on the Rooftop level.

I can safely say with my limited playtime of a new account, Call of Duty 2: Modern Warfare on PS3 is PLAYABLE and doesn't deserve to be classified as unplayable by Infinity Ward and other users. I wanted to add my perspective that the multiplayer is still fun and gamers should always be hesitant about the worst gaming news being reported. Also the game was being hacked BEFORE Other OS was removed and hackers busted the PS3 wide open. The earlier methods are called save HEX file editing and it's been around since Call of Duty 4 where most people just made their usernames fancy colors. Infinity Ward just doesn't want to support their old game and I was shocked when they said play Black Ops. For shame IW, I'll be looking forward to ex-employees game from Respawn Entertainment

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