LittleBigPlanet One Take Video

By BlueZeroBlueZero

If you have played LittleBigPlanet or its sequel, you know Sackboy (now Sackthing) is the cutest character since Kirby. The artsy and toy inspired style allow Sackboy to go on any type of adventure. This video shows what would happen if LittleBigPlanet occurred in real life. Magic just happens out of nowhere:

With the number of bodies moving around in the background and handling the sackboy plushies, I'm sure there were many many rehearsals since this was a one take video. The chorus does a fantastic job of harmonizing the main theme from the game. The checkpoint sound was spot-on. I got a real kick out of the fake sounding speech for the Hawaiian character. The creators added "car and" to the dialogue so maybe the original said "Why don't you hop in this Bug an go VROOOOM!".

After rewatching this video a few times, I noticed the amount of detail which went into creating the background objects. At 55 seconds into the video there is the classic town set pieces including the houses, windmill and sticker switches. At 1:17, I was surprised by the real looking fire because I originally thought it was a lighter. I now realize it is shimmery plastic material being blown upward appear like real fire. Speaking of fire, 1:35 was the best part of the film in my opinion. The Sackboy gets to survive his brief step in the fire with the right sounding "sizzle" sound effect from the handler.

The only thing missing from this video which was pointed out by my friend is there was no slapping in this video. Sackboy slaps are the epitome of the LittleBigPlanet experience. I would have expected a slap during the race to slow down the opposition. There also seems to be missing the ability to heart this video; I could only add it to my favorites.

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