Japanese Tales of Symphonia Opening

By BlueZeroBlueZero

I'm not usually a big fan of Japanese music paired with opening movies. For Tales of Symphonia, the Japanese opening is MUCH BETTER than the English opening which replaced the Japanese lyrics/music with very calming music instead. This is a failure because the last thing you want to do is relax a player before they start an RPG. You want to fire them up with amazing cinematics and moving music so they are willing to spend the 50+ hours RPGS take to complete. Below is the inferior American opening. The mood is completely different and not as effective.

On a side note: the red haired "guy" is really a woman or a man who looks very feminine. (I just noticed that there are many red headed people so it is the person around :55) The blond girl, Lolette or something like that, turns into an angel and loses her voice for a while. I watched my friend play this game and took part in the multiplayer battle system where I could help out my friend as one of the characters. This game needs less Dragon Fang. My friend also stopped playing at the end of the first disk and then promptly lost his game and never played it again. He really got into the game though because he discussed each of the characters and always tried to disprove my strong convictions that the red haired "man" is a woman. I should have stated that androgynous male anime characters always look like women.

It's just too bad that Lloyd (guy with double blades who gets close to the blond girl) had to be a guest character in the terrible Soul Calibur Legends game for Wii.

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