Halloween Music: Banjo Kazooie and Kingdom Hearts

By BlueZeroBlueZero

Happy Halloween! When I think of this holiday, I think of one of my favorite games that did Halloween right, aka Banjo Kazooie's Mad Monster Mansion level. The level design was well put together where the actual mansion inside felt like each room was part of a house. The music however, is what made the level excellent. Here is the original music plus some excellent OC Remixes:

Moving alone is the OC remix named Malevolent Mansion by remixer: Audix, Nekofrog. The pace of the song is much faster than what one would expect from a halloween song. The electric tone and beat add to the original.

The would also like to embed the Mad Monster Mansion Theme OC but embedding is disabled on this song. Thus, check out this Banjo Kazooie OC Remix. This remix takes a huge departure from the original by really slowing down the tempo, adding a little woman vocal background sound, and by making each chord have more emphasis.

Kingdom Hearts Nightmare Before Christmas Music

I'm not impressed with the way that Kingdom Hearts did the Nightmare Before Christmas music. They should have made it vocalized and not made it background music.

I only watched my roommate play the game a few years ago. It's pretty bad that I like the Disney characters more than I like the Final Fantasy characters. At least they had most of the original voice actors doing the Disney characters!

NOW WE ARE TALKING! Here is a pretty epic battle between Jack and Oogie Boogie. Mmm, original voice actor for Oogie Boogie singing a variation of the original Oogie Boogie song. I really enjoyed watching this video and I just discovered it after I made the post. I really don't understand how Jack does damage with music but it fits nevertheless.

In conclusion, this Halloween post is a little too short for what I wanted to do but hey, it's Halloween and we all have things to do. My new favorite song is the variation of the Oogie Boogie song. I'll be looking more into this later.

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