Favorite Yoot Tower Theater Clips and Media

By BlueZeroBlueZero

This video is a collection of my favorite clips from the theaters of Yoot Tower. Note: I DO NOT recommend watching it in HD because of the source material being low quality to begin with. Most of the video segments are very cheesy and thus deserve their place on the Internet. For anyone who experienced these clips in the game, you know how addictive they become to break up the tedium of building facilities. (Da da daaaaa, random duck!!)

For those interested here are the names of the clips:

  • love
  • 4Eyed
  • Cellmax
  • Dog
  • Dr Fist
  • Kid Salami
  • Cheesy
  • Men in Shade
  • Shadow Puppet
  • Shake It
  • Smooth
  • Terror Cloud
  • Train
  • Spaceship Explorers (SPE)

Saved Games

Tokyo (The number after the save represents the star level)

Kegon Falls (The number after the save represents the star level)

I don't have Hawaii saves

The following are some random pictures from Yoot Tower that I decided to capture. Most are very strange.


Pine level is the new gold standard. The level below pine was bamboo level. The first level was a flower.


Looks like Uncle Reggae was shot by the Yoot Tower security force. The best part was that he was "found" repeatedly. Also, the structure turned into some sort of demon cult looking assembly. I wouldn't want to visit that waterfall.

I decided to not write a Yoot Tower Guide. Most of the information for the Sim Tower Guide is applicable for the Tokyo level with the only new thing to worry about being the extra costs of maintenance. Just don't build everything because you have the option. Before you build "building facilities", makes sure you check the maintenance cost. Don't build the subway or power facilities, you have been warned.

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