Epic Video Games Introductions: My Personal Favorites Part 2

By BlueZeroBlueZero

Epic Video Games Introductions: My Personal Favorites Part 2

Soul Calibur 2

Soul Calibur 2 is the introduction that all would be video games wish they had. A tour de force that takes my personal top position as best intro.

The introduction has amazing music, graphics that were beyond it’s time and beat out Wii’s graphic by lightyears and barely touch some realtime next gen systems. The rising action, the quest appearance by Link, the story tie in with the characters are all great. As the tension rises because pieces of Soul Edge are being recovered, Nightmare makes his dramatic appearance with my favorite part of the musical score. It is very heart pounding and the buildup is really released (catharsis) with the Hellfire showing off the Soul Calibur 2 title. With this introduction movie, you feel satisfied even before you start the game.

Soul Calibur 2 is my favorite introduction!

Soul Calibur 1’s introduction is also worth being shown. What was cool was that the intro was rendered in real-time so players could change what characters battled each other and such. The video below is someone who has changed some of the default intro settings. I experienced this introduction after the 2nd game so the effect is less for me.

Soul Calibur 3’s introduction is a disgrace to gaming after setting the bar so high with 2. Thus, it doesn’t deserve to be shown, much less mentioned. I did so so people understood why it isn't here.

Soul Calibur 4’s introduction is also lacking. It is not as bad 3’s, but still not even close to 1 or 2. Again, not worthy of being shown with the other videos.

I don’t care about Soul Edge as a game, but the intro is worth showing. That is all to say about that.

Call of Duty 4

I have heard the first few words so many times from starting the game.

“50,000 people used to live here, now it’s a ghostown.”

There is a great sense of urgency and action. I enjoyed it enough to include it. I don’t really like the other Call of Duty games.

Rayman 1

Rayman 1 is the best cartoon platformer ever created. The game is very challenging and the intro video sets the right mood for the rest of the game.

Theme Park

“I’m bored” Not anymore. I really like the graphic since they were amazing for the time and hold up. The music is also great. The Theme Park Advisor is one of the greatest video game characters ever.

Yes, the Advisor could take on Willy Wonka and his Umpalumpas and easily win.

Red Alert 2

The introductions speak for themselves. It’s Command and Conquer’s alternate timeline with strange and bizarre units. Cities are destroyed, everyone is happy.

Sonic Adventure 1

Continuing on my Sonic trend, I really like the intros for both Adventure games. The first game introduction showed Sonic in 3D for the first time and he looked good. The second game intro introduced Shadow and Sonic coming together by introducing the animal characters. The first Adventure takes the cake for a better use of cinematics. I am still shocked at the graphical clarity when I play it on Dreamcast and Gamecube.

Star Trek Armada 1

People like Star Trek. Nerds LOVE Star Trek. You do something wrong, you will hear about it. So it’s amazing that Star Trek Armada is a great game! The second game is a also a great game!

I like the introduction to the one game more because it starts with a more cinematic tone than just random ships fighting. Special weapons make for great shockwaves. Shocked we were.

As an added bonus, I will include the intro to the less know, Star Trek: New Worlds.

Shenmue (Obligatory post to silence fanboys)

Just for the fanboys, I am including the intro movie to Shenmue. I wouldn’t include this normally but I like the fighting between the father and the villain. Also the voice acting is sometimes cringeworthy.

I’ve played maybe 5-10hours of the game. Ryo is currently looking for men in black suits.

Who can forget his classic phrase: “I’m looking for some Chinese people. Do you know I find some them?”

How about you look in China Ryo? Or you could try asking people some real questions like where did a black limousine headed? If it isn’t in your city, then why waste time asking the kooky hot dog stand owner who loves to dance.

Why do I have to go home before a certain time or the caretaker woman worries. She has a lot more to focus on since the father and dojo master was killed.

To end this post, here is the introduction that needs no introduction.

Donkey Kong 64 is the game that either you really hated or you really love. The introduction still gives people nightmares whenever you mention the words “Donkey Kong”

I just love how Rare came up with a creative intro. They could have just gone with the generic title sans intro but they made something special here when their encouragement to sing along is very tempting. The intro is also monumental as the first time that the word “hell” is spoken aloud on Nintendo’s E rated game. Luckily “hell” is not a bad word in the UK and they were able to get it by.

There are a lot of games that have great cutscenes, but those are not introduction movies. Introduction movies come before gameplay. Some masterpieces like Zelda Ocarina of Time don’t have great introductions.
If you think I missed one of your favorite video game introduction movies, then by all means spout your beliefs in the comments below. If I have played the game and I agree, I might augment the list. Most likely I won’t since I am lacking a key console called the SNES in my childhood.

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