Epic Video Games Introductions: My Personal Favorites

By BlueZeroBlueZero

Epic Video Games Introductions: My Personal Favorites

I have to start the post off with the epic introduction to Descent 3

The woman singing at the start sets a great tone (it sends shivers down my spine in how powerful it is). The Material Defender (a hired mercenary by the PTMC [Post Terran Mining Company]) has been betrayed by Dravis, the person who used the robot virus setting off the chain of events in the three games. The warp core is Dravis’ way of killing the Material Defender since he defeated the robots in the first game. This video is the first time that we see what the Material Defender looks like, we heard his voice in the first two games. As he is retrieved, I shed a tear for his trustworthy ship.

Descent 3 was what Crysis is today. It is a game that pushed technological barriers to have both seemless 360 degree indoor and outdoor environments. A true masterpiece and one of my favorite all time game series.

For more insight into the story, here is the introduction to Descent 2.

Smash Brothers Melee

The introduction to the second Smash Brothers is my favorite out of the three. The reason it beats Brawl in the introduction department is because the visuals are much more varied and play homage to the key franchises better than Brawl’s showcase of their Subspace Army.

The musical score when Zelda/Shiek is playing the harp is moving. I also like the F-Zero segment along with the buildup to the conclusion.

Baten Kaitos

I decided to include this video because while I don’t really like the card gameplay, it does have a good story up until Malpercio. Geldablame is cool. I especially like his voice/shiftiness in the intro and his response “End Magnus, never heard of that before.”

I realized that their early voices for the English characters were much better than the ones they choose for the final game. Gibarri actually sounded strong and not confused. Lyude (red hair guy) comes off too strange sounding. If you played the game, you would see that he defeats enemies by using musical instruments with his special moves being types of musical movements. For that, I can tolerate his strange voice actor.

The mask character is a woman but the voice is so strange.

Mario Power Tennis

What an amazing introduction. There are some great lines of dialogue and grunting by the Wario and Waluigi. This video is a story in itself.

Kings Quest 7

I choose to show off this intro versus Kings Quest 5’s relaxing stroll by King Graham and Kings Quest 6’s use of early CG. The Kings Quest 7 intro takes a page out of the Disney book of animation and I really like the music. The dialogue is ….lacking…but it’s about action. Plus Rosella is hot. Nuff said.

As an aside: I beat Kings Quest 7 without hearing voices the first time through on Mac. I knew what the women sounded like because the “sound” related voices still worked. I was able to listen to the voices by going into the data files on Mac but it only worked one time strangly and would crash on my next attempts. Later, I got the PC version to hear the voices and I can tell why Rosella sounds stupid.

James Bond: Everything or Nothing

Better Quality
(Gametrailer's User Videos won't embed in Wikidot)

I can't believe that I almost forgot to include this amazing introduction for the greatest James Bond action game ever created. Everything or Nothing is the greatest James Bond game that should have been a movie. EA got all the big name James Bond actors to give their likeness and voices to the game and this introduction song was sung by Mya. Amazing production values.

Epic Video Games Introductions: My Personal Favorites (Continued)

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