Dr. Mario Theme Song With Lyrics (NSFW)

By BlueZeroBlueZero

What do you get when you mix the catchy tune of Dr. Mario's Fever music with excellent animation and voice acting? You get this flash video created by Brentalfloss and DarqV. Note NSFW due to aggravating Wario nudity.

The HD version can be found here:Dr. Mario Lyrics HD YouTube. The extremely high resolution flash can at NewGrounds Dr. Mario Lyrics Flash.

I did not embed it here since the thumbnail would have been Wario's posterior. Highlights of the video is Mario watching TV, Mario throwing tons of blue and red pills to cure fever and chills and Mario diagnosing crabs with Princess Peach. The voice actor of Mario sounds a little Indian or Middle Eastern rather than the traditional Italian. It works and the animation is spot on for their goal. There is also a lot of details in the background like Mario's Certificate of Pasta

My reaction to the video is we need more parodies of Nintendo's favorite plumber. Next, we need to have a very catchy Zelda theme lyrics by the same people. I mean, Mario already has a Triforce tattoo in the video so hopefully this is foreshadowing.

Bonus Dr. Mario Lyrics Movie

Wow, just try and count how many times the phrase "Dr. Mario" is spoken. For some reason, I am enjoying the parodies more than the original parody. "For Theeee Chills" = 4D Chills from the awesome video effects. The word around 22 seconds into the video says "Lol Three Gloves" for those like me who wanted to know.

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