Crysis Physics Engine Examples

By BlueZeroBlueZero


Everyone has hopefully played Crysis on PC or at the very least seen the original trailers to know that the game is a beast. As my friend recently said, "Will Crysis 2 run Crysis??" The technology behind the graphical, physics and other game engines are awesome. What happens when we push the limits of the physics engine by using the power of modern machines. Continue on and see how well Crysis can display thousands of objects and effects:

Unfortunately, I don't have the modding knowledge to even know where to look for the Crysis sandbox, so I'm going to be showing other people's videos. To start, here are 10,000 barrels (signature red to indicate they are explosive of course)

Notice at about :27 seconds into the film, the falling barrels seems in the middle seem to be hovering. Either the engine can not process that many physics calculations of the coefficient of gravitational attraction between objects is too high to keep them briefly suspended. At 28 seconds in, Crysis just gives up calculating the physics and has the top level far apart randomly. Then of course the player gets hit by a barrel and is not really effected probably because they are in "god mode".

At 1:07, a huge explosion occurs! The author and other mod people say looking directly at the explosion results in crashing or I assume really really poor framerates. Yeah, the game would probably crash from trying to render many explosions. 1:12 on appears to be too bright of a white to see the yellow of the blast. It's similar to Modern Warfare's white fallout and radiation.

A little before 2 minutes, we see a green tree is surviving the onslaught because it is too small to have destructible limbs. Skip ahead to 2:25 to see mini explosions on either side of the player. 3:05 shows the wasteland after 10,000 barrels ignited. The best part of the video is skydiving through the middle of the 10,000 barrels to Spin´╗┐ My Head Right Round - Primetime.

This other video shows what happens when you launch a nuke tank shell. You can just feel the atoms building while the fired round is just revolving on the tank turret. Watch out for that instant shockwave which shows off just how powerful the blast should be. The only problem is the tanks are still in one piece and the player is barely pushed back. I wanted to see him go flying really far away with ragdoll physics. Overall, nothing really exciting. So let's take it up a notch with this better Crysis Nuke video:

At the moment of impact at :38, we seem every single object get pushed with equal force towards the camera. The truck spinning out of control is pretty cool.

At 1:02, we seem the ragdoll physics of the person limited on the ability to show the amount of force. The best he can do is have his neck break and slide away. If the game had skeletal physics, I would want to see multiple fractures and bones breaking from that tremendous force. The trees are much more impressive although the tree trucks really should have been fragmented because the technology is already in the game. Perhaps the modder disabled tree destruction.

My favorite shot is at 1:16, where everything is normal with the man standing next to his car. 2 seconds later, the house and car are moving vertically. That man got crushed between his house and his car before getting skewered by trees. Strangely enough after the two minute mark, I can actually see that the tree trunks were splintered. There are also random fire effects coming from nowhere.

It is good fortune this video makes the nuke more potent, as it should be, compared to the first nuke video. Next on the modders list should be having a nuke take out a small village before moving onto skyscrapers being knocked over. When there is a physics engine, there is always a will and a way. Let's hope Crysis 2 doesn't settle for an adapted Crysis 1 engine to get it to run on consoles.

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