Castlevania: Lords of Shadow E3

By ShihnongShihnong

Castlevania: Lord of Shadows

A 3D Castlevania game that looks to be done right. About time!

Too much hasn’t been revealed by the trailer, but enough has been shown. It’s a reboot because it’s “reborn,” or at the very least, it’s a fresh start for the 3D Castlevanias. I have no problem with a reboot. In fact, it’ll allow a new continuity and fresh start to the complicated series history. Combat looks vicious and intense (or at least the actual gameplay parts). There are a lot of parts that seem to be possible quicktime events or cutscenes, so it’s difficult to say exactly what is what. Voice actors who know how to act are present this time around. Oh, Patrick Stewart! And a story with Kojima involved (which is both a boon and a bane). I love the MGS series (haven’t tried the original Metal Gears though), but I do realize that the gameplay does fall behind the story, which was as fun as it was perplexing. But for something like Castlevania, I hope there’s a lot of gameplay.

Lord of Shadows seems to deliver an engrossing story and intense gameplay. Knowing Kojima’s style, the story and the gameplay will be amazing, but how much of each will become questionable. Still, this is one of the games I’m most excited about.

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