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By BlueZeroBlueZero


Hello everyone, welcome about 6 months of the Biased Video Gamer Blog being launched! The blog has come a long way since I started developing what you see today. There were no easy templates like other HTML based websites; a lot of the development was done by hand utilizing wiki code from Wikidot. Can you believe that simple things like the left menu and the RSS feeds caused me a lot of problems?

I am glad that people on the Internet have found our articles to be interesting. We try to write articles on games we care about. So far the most popular article is the N64 Texture Enhancement Projects with over 250 unique views! The next most popular articles are the Sim Tower Guide and Media and the Mirrors Edge PC Review. So far there have been around 1200 unique visitors to the blog!

We will continue to write articles and they should come more frequently over this Summer period as some of us are out of school and others have more free time.

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