BVGB Site Redesign

By BlueZeroBlueZero

I have changed the website design by modifying the CSS. This is not something that I take lightly and I have tested this theme out on a test website prior to using it for BVGB. Let me run you through it:


  • The content area of the website has increased to allow more words and pictures in the center of the pages. This means that you won't feel constrained by the old Bloo theme. I have a 1440 x 900 screen and the old theme was not making good use of the screen real estate.
  • I have modified the Glass theme created by Squark and it is located here. It is a really amazing theme and I had to change some code to work with my site. I couldn't use his amazing top menu code because it didn't display properly. I really like the look of the new layout that maintains the bars on the side.
  • Readability: The fonts has been changed and the pages are easier to read. The images are properly displayed without a user having to mouse over the images. The image problem was actually fixed by chance and it wasn't something I was aiming for.
  • The site header is vastly improved with the new layout. I can change the header image to something else in the future if necessary. I really like the black top header and it is very professional looking. More props to Squark for making a great looking theme.


  • The side menu is not officially supported by the theme and will be difficult to read on screen sizes less than 1280 x 768 for Firefox. If the window size for the browser is less than this resolution, then the menu will be moved behind the foreground. Most users are using Firefox and have higher than 1024 x 768. Users with less than 1024 x 768 will still be able to navigate the site, they just won't see the left side menu. Internet Explorer likes preserve the side menu at all costs and will always be readable at any resolution.
  • The side menu had to be moved to the left side. I would like to have it on the right but I am not familiar with the Wikidot syntax to spend hours trying to get it to show up on the right. Again, I am using a side menu that the theme doesn't support so I am just happy that it displays mostly well for users.


I was able to find the coding to use RSS with Wikidot. Here are the following options for RSS for the main site:

  • BVGB RSS Feed. This RSS feed tracks all new blog entries for the site. It includes previews and gamer reviews.
  • BVGB Reviews. Click this link if you want a RSS feed for only Gamer Reviews.
  • BVGB Previews. Click this link if you want a RSS feed for only video game Previews.

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