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By BlueZeroBlueZero


Wow, so this last week or so there were a ton of birthdays for my friends and here I forget this blog is already a year old! Happy 1st Birthday BVGB! You have been good to me so far and have reached a significant audience with our limited scope. Shoutout to the original Kane and Lynch Gamespot review for once again pointing out professional game reviewers should be free from big business. While not being critical to this blog's development, it did provide a nice setpiece to work against.

With the First BVGB Post on post Jan 31st 2009, this blog entered the Internet with a lot of website wiki code construction and a little too much Russian. I have kept up the trend of the individual console/PC making a remark about each game. In Russia, game reviews you! Anyway, I am glad that I have settled the necessary Wikidot coding and have been able to secure domain names and hosting. I hope you guys are enjoying absolutely no ads on this website. While not permanent, be happy I am currently not being bought by other companys.

Also, with the transition to the custom domain name, the website lost significant organic traffic which it has really never recovered. The good news is that Google images is really prioritizing our pictures so people are seeing our content this way. If you enjoy reading these biased posts, please share the blog elsewhere on the Internet (forums, personal websites, blogs, social media, ect); many of our viewers have shared our content and we are glad you did!

May I now present you with the 5 most popular posts on this blog (starting with the most popular):

#1 N64 Texture Enhancement Projects/Packs

This post represented a significant amount of time organizing the amazing texture pack links from the various forums and sites into a convenient location. Bringing order from chaos was difficult. People viewing the post get to see what I consider the top shelf of emulated texture replacement for N64 games. I never did get around to posting my own retexturing project and probably will not.

There was no contest in regards to the unique views by visitors. As of today, there have been more than 2800 unique page views with most coming from Google and Google Images.

#2 Media Gamer: Killer Instinct C-C-C-Combo Breaker Edition

This was one of my favorite posts to write as a side note. I combined my love of the game with notable fads from multiple COMBO BREAKERS to the embarrassing ULTRA COMBO voice to Orchid finishing off the entire KI cast with her breasts. It's regretful that I am terrible at the arcade game by Tournament standards and could only beat the Gameboy version on the hardest setting by abusing cheap Sabrewolf combos. This post was seen by over 1200 unique visitors which isn't bad for a July post.

#3 Sim Tower Guide and Media

One of the more useful posts, I create a mini-FAQ for playing the original Sim Tower. I hope my insight into the running a successful tower helped you navigate the confusing elevator and service elevator placement and limits. The post had more than 700 unique views.

#4 Mirror's Edge (PC) Review

This review was written by Zott820 and has done quite well. The high resolution screenshots from his computer has really exposed the beauty of Mirror's Edge in ways the console's jaggy 720p could not. Zott820 wants the next game to be third person I don't think that it would work.

#5 Ghostbusters: The Video Game Multiplayer Review

Congratulations Sarcasmancer on writing I believe the first 360 game review and actually isolating the multiplayer mode for analysis. As I am personally don't understand Ghostbusters, this post was excellent in providing more video game coverage from my usual suspects.

Which leads to BlueZero's list of over covered topics. Hmm, maybe my coverage was biased towards more:

  • Bayonetta
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Emulation
  • Smash Brothers (all)
  • Resident Evil
  • Modern Warfare 2

BlueZero's Game of the Year

It was hands-down Uncharted 2. As other reviewers have stated, the gunplay and real-time cinematic moments have moved towards uncharted waters. Nathan Drake's shirt tuck saved him from losing to other less worthy candidates like RE5, Batman, Modern Warfare 2, yadda yadda. The Uncharted 2 Train level and vehicle segments were so amazing I reached a gaming euphoria where I couldn't stop smiling. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves won with just the single player campaign; the multiplayer was much better than I had expected.

In conclusion (aka BVGB Reviews Self), I look forward to posting more reviews, previews, gaming media and guides over the next year. I'll probably review more legacy PC games (Saints Row 2 comes to mind easily). I also intend to pay the Castlevania series homage soon. If there any game you would like coverage about, please let me know in the comments.

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