Bayonetta: Story Trailer Preview

By BlueZeroBlueZero

I'm a big fan of Bayonetta, let me explain why. I love stylish British women with great one liners. Bayonetta's Ninja Gaiden/Devil May Cry action gameplay is one of my favorite genres. Any lame person can play turn based games (hint they are usually Japanese games) where they can walk away from the "action" and come back hours later to make a move. Life isn't like that. Flying by the seat of your pants is a true skill, one that action games bring to life. Anyway, Bayonetta looks to offer a complete package from the trailers shown. It has a lot of great features:

Magic, over-the-top combos, aerial combat, and sexy woman do make a great game in theory. Here is my opinion of the trailer which is a good preview until I can get some hands on time. The story seems to be weakly developed because Bayonetta was found under water in a coffin and all she knows is that she is a witch. Like the opening of the trailer says, it seems like Time is the ultimate evil which used to be kept in check by two factions of witches. Strange it isn't just one faction fighting for salvation. Good witches vs bad witches? If this game wants to break away, it needs to make Bayonetta a bad witch who doesn't care about good or evil. She better just care about herself.

This trailer lacked the over the top sexiness from the first trailer but it was still very exciting. Dual spears striking at her torso. Not much sexual energy there. Bayonetta pushing her glasses up on her nose with the tip of her gun takes the cake for style. Regretfully, it seems like the naked magical attack transformation (I think it is to unleash a super attack) is showing less skin. Come on Sega, follow the golden brick road of feminine wiles. Just copy and paste Ivy and follow in those footsteps. You already blazed a trail that way with a British voice and powerful women character. Bayonetta already has a whip, you are halfway there. Please make tons of unlockable costumes for Bayonetta ala God of War so I have no reason to worry about sex appeal. Sex appeal is what sells this game; the potentially great combat is cake.

The most intriguing aspect of the trailer was seeing slickly smooth animations between different combos. IE, when she transformed into the animal for speed, she transformed back to follow up with a combo without a delay. Delays in animation are the main problems with action games. The other pitfall is repetitious combat/combos. I don't this game will have these problems.

I am really enjoying the art direction of the game. It has a post-modern society feel where it is mixing technology, ancient architecture, folk lore, and modern celebrities. "I can see the moon from the beginning of the trailer." The voices are excellent so far, it comes down to having Bayonetta having good lines to read. So far, all characters have been very well designed with the driver particularly standing out. Don't forget that in the future, if you aren't wearing shades, then your eyes will burn out.

My biggest concern is that this game will be completed in less than 10 hours which puts it into rental territory for the gaming elite. If they can squeeze 20 hours of quality gameplay, not MGS4 story cutscenes, then it will be worth a buy. This game doesn't need multiplayer, but Sega will do their magical thing and ruin the game somehow by including it.

Combat looks excellent, cutscenes look excellent. I will be playing this stylish game when it comes out.

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