Battlefield Heroes Preview

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I like cartoony and stylized, so naturally I was excited when battlefield heroes was announced. Similarly to Team Fortress 2 this game successfully pairs cartoony slapstick action with exploding gore to the delight of many. With the added feature that this is a free to play game and the developers earning their income through ad sales and the sale of in game clothing options. This aspect added a bit of skepticism to how successful this game would be, however I can say that there is nothing to be skeptical about and Dice brings it all the way through.

The game play like other iterations in the series consists of two teams competing for bases and tickets on the map. Each team starts with 50 tickets; whenever you or a teammate is killed your team loses tickets depending on the amount of bases the opposing team controls, the first team to lose all of their tickets loses. To kill the opponents you have a vast array of tools at your disposal with vehicles and different class types.

The vehicles this time aren’t varied as past games you have tanks, jeeps, planes, and anti-air turrets. Which work in a rock paper scissor fashion with tanks having an advantage over infantry, planes owning tanks, anti-air decimating planes and the jeeps are just used for transportation and the occasional road kill. The vehicles are good but not the point of being cheap or unfair. All players have the option of using sticky dynamite so with a few hits in a tight area one can take out a tank, however this isn’t an easy feat.

There are three classes to choose from: commando, gunner, and the soldier. Commandos can stealth and can focus on backstabbing with the knife and/or focus on sniping. Gunners are made for close range combat and come with a self shield and a group speed boosts. Soldier can heal themselves and team mates and gain access to grenade spamming. So far the classes are somewhat balanced and each class has the tools and guns are their disposal to kill any class. The classes can be leveled and points awarded upon leveling can be used to upgrade or purchase new skills. You gain experience points from any successful action preformed (dealing dmg, healing, capturing a point, etc). Higher levels do give the advantage of having better skills but it isn’t a steep scale and it is entirely possible to kill higher level players as a low level.

Valor points that are awarded during game play or from completing tasks during the game (IE kill 10 players with a vehicle) are used to buy new weapons and some clothing for short periods of time for a paltry sum or forever with a hefty amount of points.

Since this game is free to play you can purchase in game clothing for an undetermined real world fee to spruce yourself up or for experience point and valor point multipliers. Most of the clothing options are awesome with the Royals being able to buy standard army equipment to karate gi, sailor suits, and kilts. Imperials can dress up like German soldiers from the early 1900s and into pirates.
Maps range from ones which include tanks and planes to ones with don’t depending on your style of play, both of which work and are enjoyable.

The only negative aspect to the game I found was when you made a character you are forced to choose a side and you are stuck with that faction for the rest of that characters career. So my royal gunner could never switch to an imperial and play with my imperial friends at any point in time. I would have to make a new imperial gunner without any of the progress I had made on my royal character. I can understand this being implemented in an MMORPG but this is a shooter and restricting switching doesn’t add another layer to game play.

Personally I enjoyed my experience with this game and since it is free to play and designed to run on older systems there is no reason to not give it a shot or try it out as the perfect and free LAN game.

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