Batman - Arkham Asylum PhysX (PC)

By Zott820Zott820

This video shows some of the effects given by Nvidia PhysX technology. Let me simply say, that any other version is not worth it now. These effects are a must to feel Batman at its greatest. I could do without the sparks off the machinery bouncing around, since it looks like that is possible without Physx, and I could even do without the cloths hanging from the ceiling, however, the breakable tiles, and smoke are absolute musts. Without the tiles being broken, the world seems dead. The same is true for no papers floating around. I want to smash enemies on the floor and have the tiles explode. I want fog and smoke to move out of batman’s way as I move through it. (The smoke is especially good, as I hadn’t seen it done like that in any of the PhysX demos/games I’ve played thus far). Without the PhysX we’re back to the days of Quake 3, where the world is as you see it, more or less, with only specially chosen destructible objects. I want my environments to feel alive!

Alas, the console versions get no such features. (Except for the PS3 Joker missions). Considering my buy, it is likely that I would go with the PC version for its superior PhysX potential, as well as 1080p or greater resolutions.

Unfortunately, all is not great. The movies in the PC version are like Resident Evil 4's for PC in that they are all pre-rendered movies, despite being made in the engine. This means when playing at 1080p or more, you will still have 720p movie cutscenes. Disappointing. Hopefully they'll fix that for the final version. Also, with or without PhysX, various objects are plants are stuck to their positions on desks. Only the papers are moveable, as when hit they will transform into PhysX papers, if PhysX is enabled. This is one problem I had with Mirror’s Edge, and the various objects I couldn’t push around.

This makes you think why the PC version has been delayed. If the console versions are being released first, that means the assets are done, so that isn’t holding it back. Furthermore, since the PC demo has already been released, WITH PhysX effects (they aren’t programming them in later), that means the engine is up and running [Especially since it is based off the Unreal 3 engine, which has been on computer in quite a few games now]. I think the main reason the PC version is being is so that the publishers can sell lots of expensive copies on the consoles, and avoid mass piracy hitting their sales. Then later, once they have sold a lot of legal copies, they will release the “superior” PC, which will then be pirated, and bought (though perhaps in fewer numbers than the consoles) at cheaper prices.

I'll have to see how much changes on the finalized PC version.

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