Awesome Super Smash Brother Openings

By BlueZeroBlueZero

The opening to the original Super Smash Brothers has always been one of the more memorable intro sequences. While Smash Brothers Melee has the best opening in the series, the original has many more remakes created. I'm going to start by showing off the Retro SNES version and I will include some more of my favorites:

I never get tired of seeing the Donkey Kong versus Samus fight. I got a good laugh out of Donkey Kong's eyes when he was hit with the charged shot. At the end, Captain Falcon also has an epic pose.

MALRWiiStation360 on YouTube, creator of the awesome Smash Brothers video stories, has also remake the intro to Smash Brothers 64 using footage he captured from Smash Brothers Brawl. If you know anything about the original intro, the Donkey Kong versus Samus fight has always been hard to pull off in the remakes. Here, the Brawl engine still has the same character moves to allow for an almost perfect reenactment.

Finally, I like this interpretation of the intro movie. Imagine if the Brawl universe where sucked into a cartoon and it was much better than the Mario, Link and Kirby ones. Watch as Mario and Samus once again do battle in space:

Link is so useless in this video. He just stands around holding his bombs. Fox looks bored in his ship and gets scared off later by Pikachu. Donkey Kong finally looks imposing to the other characters. At least Samus has the upper hand since only she can really breathe in space.

I've posted the Team Fortress 2 Smash Brothers Opening in the past. Check it out as I can tell a lot of time has gone into its creation.

There need to be more interpretations of video game opening movies. I would love to see a modern version of Mario Power Tennis with Wario and Waluigi being chased around by strange police robots. Oh yeah, this is a real intro, I'm not exaggerating it. If anything I'm under-representing how great it is. Anyway, the Smash Brothers intro is still one of my favorites.

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