Anime Expo 2010 Cosplay Photo Collection

By BlueZeroBlueZero
26 Jul 2010 05:22


It's been a while since this years Anime Expo 2010 and I've been lazy to upload the pictures online. Anime Expo is the place to test your cosplaying skills against the best. Biased Video Gamer Blog was present to bear witness to the realm of intricate and last-minute costumes playing homage to favorite video games and anime/manga series.

I only attended the event on Saturday. My friends went on Friday and were able to get a lot more pictures. Please forgive me for not getting a ton of pictures since there were so many good cosplay costumes that I took pictures of my personal interests . Follow along with the easy to navigate categories and enjoy my brief costume battle for video game characters. The full gallery is at the bottom.

Video Game Cosplay:

Assassins Creed Altair and Ezio


The Ezio costume is immaculate. The attention to detail to impressive; the assassin's symbol is there along with the wrist daggers. The Altair is overshadowed by his descendant because the Ezio costume stole the show.

Maniacal laughter and handheld theme music. I wasn't the one who took this picture but I can see how evil the Final Fantasy villain can be.

Nintendo Gathering

Here is a female Captain Falcon who pulls off the costume very well. Next, the green Captain Falcon has taunted a human looking Fox McCloud while Donkey Kong is on the sidelines. Snake is always watching from his lifesize box. He sneaked around the entire convention center in his specialty box.

My Video Game Cosplay Battle:

Tira Vs. Zangief
This matchup can only be determined by sex appeal vs manliness.
I unfortunately did not get to encounter Tira but did run into the Zangief. The Tira costume looks authentic and the hulu hoop weapon doesn't look like it is made of cardboard.

Here, Zangief is confused by Pikachu. Earlier in the day, I heard he did his signature crotch pile-driver move with another person. Looking at his barely there costume, that would be very awkward for both people. Therefore, Tira wins because I can feel comfortable with her costume while I start sweating about Zangief pile-drivers.

Eggman (Dr. Robotnik) Vs. Brain Age Man (Dr. Ryuta Kawashima)
The ultimate showdown between two doctors. Eggman is a genius without a formal doctorate while the Brain Age doctor Kawashima can only lower your brain age down to age 20. So IQ of 300 compared with Brain Age of 20 years old. I'll have to say Dr. Eggman won because his shoes and red beard were close enough. Also Dr. Kawashima's head wasn't floaty enough.

Warcraft Character Vs. Giant Prinny
Two really tall and large costumed characters. The one on the left I believe is the winner of the Blizzcon costume contest from last year while the Prinny is an official costume from the developer booth (I think it was Atlas). I am not a fan of either series so I'll say the hand made Warcraft costume trumps the official Prinny costume. Either way, both were impressive.

Obligatory Team Fortress 2 Cosplay


Anime/Manga/Comics Character Cosplay:

One Piece

Power Rangers and Robots
It's too bad I didn't get a picture of the Red Power Ranger who started break dancing in the buyers hall. He was wearing a kind of bike helmet which allowed him to spin his body around using his head. We captured a short video and it will be uploaded soon. Kudos man, you could have taken on the expo security who shut you down and kept dancing.

Super Heroes and Villains


The other anime and manga is in the gallery since I am again not well versed in this realm.

Land of Chocolate and Fast Food Cosplay:


Everyone loves sweet and delicious food. Starting off is Count Chocula, creator of one of my favorite cereals. Next, we have an Oompa Loompa who somehow escaped from Wonka's factory. You know it is packing chocolate in its bag. Finally, we have the results of the fast food war. My picture came out a little blurry but Ronald McDonald is holding the King's head. He is joined by other favorites including Jack, the Panda from Panda Express, Colonel Sanders, Wendy and the Carl's Star. I have to agree the portrayal is accurate as Burger King died after stealing Ronald's breakfast recipies.

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