15 Hours of Skyrim Told Through Screenshots

By BlueZeroBlueZero


Skyrim is one of those games where everyone loves it because the world is huge, objects can be interacted with, people say strange things and there are like infinite quests and things to do in the world. For my first 15 hours in Skyrim, I decided to take some in-game screenshots when I noticed nice graphics, unique glitches and epic moments. Yes I know 15 hours is nothing compared to some people, I've been really busy recently. The screenshots are native 1440 x 900 recorded on High graphics settings; I've changed the default .bmp to JPEG be more web friendly:

Potential Game Beginning SPOILERS, really nothing revealed in my screenshots though. No dragons yet since I hear they like to fly backwards after the patch and I decided to not let them out into my world yet. The screenshots numbers indicate progression through the game so screenshot 2 is the start of the game while screenshot 50 is me raiding a random dungeon. Behold 52 screenshots for your viewing pleasure.


Notice I like to put objects on people's heads. I also like to use pies when I find them to either channel enchanting or just have royalty sleep with them in their bed. No matter what I do, I'm always ready to Print Screen when the time is right.

What's your favorite in-game screenshot you've taken from Skyrim?

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